Metallic Structures

Metallic Structures

We design, execute and mount a wide range of metallic structures.

Whether you want a canvas covering or you build a hall with sandwich panels or metallic sheets, we can execute client-customized metallic structures.

The metallic structure is designed by our engineers, using specialized designing software for metallic structures, observing the current norms for wind, snow and earthquake load, depending on the area where the structure is to be placed. The manufacture process takes place in our specialized department, and the structure is made of best quality rectangular stainless steel profiles. These constructions can be located on any type of terrain. In case of a concrete platform, the connection can be made directly to the platform, using anchor bolts or chemical anchors, or cup-like foundations can be dug for placing the pillars.

The dimensions of the tents can be client-customized. Actually, there is no standardized limitation of length, width and height, the tents we create being one of a kind. We offer solutions for any surface that must be covered. The unique advantage of these constructions is that thanks to the metallic connections (screws) of the parts, they can be easily demounted and placed again in other locations.

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