Industrial steel tents produced by RAM PROD PROJECT come with the following advantages:

  • Complete legitimacy: in accordance with law 50/1991 regarding the authorization of construction works and law 10/1995 regarding the quality in building;
  • Design and production: (in accordance with law 50/1991) for permanent industrial steel tents that withstand snow loads between 150 – 250 kg/square meter (on ground) and wind pressure up to 120 km/h, in accordance with the Romanian Design Code, only legal code applicable in Romania;
  • Strength: Industrial steel tents, have a permanent character and do not request additional care for disengaging snow during or after heavy snowfall;
  • Lastingness: The covers are produced form high performance membranes with technical agreement for use in construction (PVC+PES or HDPE+LDPE covers), to enforce the safety in usage, in accordance with law 10/1995;
  • Certification: All our projects are verified by licensed MDRAP (MLPAT) experts;
  • Utility: All industrial steel tents can be relocated;
  • Warranty Industrial Steel Tents: for production, assembly and used materials;
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Wind Pressure Map

The values of reference for wind pressure, averaged over 10 minutes, with a recurrence interval of 50 years (2% annual probability of exceeding).

Snow Load Map

Zoning of characteristic snow load values on the ground sk kN /m2 for altitudes A ≤ 1000 meters.

Large Tents


These light constructions can be placed on any type of terrain. In case of a pre-existing concrete platform on the site, the connection can be made directly on it, using anchor bolts or chemical anchors.


Medium Size Tents

Medium Size

An important advantage of these constructions is that they can be easily disassembled and relocated, regardless of their size. That is possible thanks to the implemented mechanical fastening of the components.


Small Tents


The actual measurements of the tents are always imposed by the client’s needs. There is no standardized limitation of the length, width or height, so we are able to honor even the most daring requests.


Corturi Retractabile


Adaptable and ready to use, the retractable tent is the perfect solution for those dynamic spaces that have different uses every day. It’s surprisingly easy to handle and cost efficient.


Single Slope Roof Tents

Single Slope
Roof Tents

There is no standardized limitation of the length, width or height. We are able to honor even the most daring requests. We already have in our portfolio some of the biggest industrial tents in the country.


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