Who we are

For almost two decades, RAM Prod Project is active in the tents, tarpaulins and structures market, and that experience is, for us, priceless. During this period, we’ve grown, we’ve evolved continuously, and we’ve experimented with new technologies so that we are now in the best shape ever.

We are 100% ready to take on any project involving tarpaulins, tents or metallic structures, without hesitation and regardless of the complexity of the project. We have the necessary expertise, the experience and the technical equipment required to successfully complete any project involving tarpaulins, tents and metallic structures. And that is a confidence achieved in time.

We built, probably, the largest industrial tent in Romania!

The values that we cherish the most:

Intelligent Solutions

We want to put the technology of tomorrow in the use of today’s customers. That’s why we are always connected to the news in our domain and we make sure that we use the best technologies of the moment.

Uniqueness Of The Client

We know that every client is unique, therefore we put all the efforts into understanding his/her needs and into establishing the particularities of the project, so that the chosen solution fits perfectly.


While preferences are, by their very nature, subjective, the technical aspects must always remain 100% objective. That is why we don’t leave anything to chance when we approach a project.

Informed Decisions

We believe that a satisfied client is, before anything else, a correctly informed person. We do not hide anything from our clients, and that is always noticeable from our very first encounter.


Time is the best evaluator of quality, so we got used to thinking long-term. When we make a decision together with a client we want to be sure that, some 15 years from now, we are going to congratulate each other for that decision.


After the structure is raised and covered, we always remain close to our customers, offering them full warranty, full service for the product and specialized assistance.

Our Products

Corturi Retractabile

Steel Tents

The covers are produced form high performance membranes with technical agreement for use in construction.


Corturi Retractabile

Light Weight Halls

The covering consists of lateral sandwich panels and celling covered with doubled membrane in order to offer extended thermic comfort.



The “storage tunnel” is an economical, flexible and easy to install solution, dimensioned to withstand snow load and wind pressure.