We design and execute in accordance with The Romanian Design Code

Tents, Tarpaulins, Structures

WHY WORK WITH US? A couple of reasons:

  • Complete legality, in accordance with the Romanian Law no. 50/1991, regarding the autorisation of construction works, and the Romanian Law no. 10/1995, regarding quality in the construction field.
  • We design, size, execute and obtain authorizations (in compliance with the Romanian Law no. 50/1991) permanent structures that can endure up to 250 kg/m2 of snow load and up to 120 km/h of wind pressure, in full compliance with The Romanian Design Code (the only legal frame appliacable in Romania).
  • We use a membrane (PVC+PES type and HDPE+LDPE type covers) that is technically approved for construction use, in safe conditions, as required by the Romanian Law no. 10/1995.
  • Certification. All of our projects are submitted to verification agents certified by MDRAP (the Romanian State Department for Constructions)
  • Warranty for the execution, the installation and the materials that we use.
  • An honest business proposal. Once you have decided to contact us, our first meeting will be a technical counseling session, absolutely free of charge. We hide nothing, we show you all the options available, thus enabling you to make a choice based on the information received transparently.

This may be the largest industrial tent in Romania!

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Who we are

For almost two decades, RAM Prod Project is active in the tents, tarpaulins and structures market, and that experience is, for us, priceless. During this period, we’ve grown, we’ve evolved continuously, and we’ve experimented with new technologies so that we are now in the best shape ever.

We are 100% ready to take on any project involving tarpaulins, tents or metallic structures, without hesitation and regardless of the complexity of the project. We have the necessary expertise, the experience and the technical equipment required to successfully complete any project involving tarpaulins, tents and metallic structures. And that is a confidence achieved in time

The values that we cherish the most:

Intelligent Solutions

We want to put the technology of tomorrow in the use of today’s customers. That’s why we are always connected to the news in our domain and we make sure that we use the best technologies of the moment.

Uniqueness Of The Client

We know that every client is unique, therefore we put all the efforts into understanding his/her needs and into establishing the particularities of the project, so that the chosen solution fits perfectly.


While preferences are, by their very nature, subjective, the technical aspects must always remain 100% objective. That is why we don’t leave anything to chance when we approach a project.

Informed Decisions

We believe that a satisfied client is, before anything else, a correctly informed person. We do not hide anything from our clients, and that is always noticeable from our very first encounter.


Time is the best evaluator of quality, so we got used to thinking long-term. When we make a decision together with a client we want to be sure that, some 15 years from now, we are going to congratulate each other for that decision.


After the structure is raised and covered, we always remain close to our customers, offering them full warranty, full service for the product and specialized assistance.

Our Products

Industrial Tents

Consisting of a tall metallic structure and a tarpaulin cover, the industrial tent is an elegant alternative to the ordinary industrial hall, the one covered in metallic sheet or sandwich panels. The tarpaulin of an industrial tent, either the PVC+PES or the HDPE+LDPE type, is acting first of all, as an envelope, but is also contributing to the strength of the ensamble, by tensioning it.

The simplicity of such a solution, comprising a metallic structure and a cover, makes the industrial tent the perfect choice if you are looking for fast execution, good price efficiency and attractive aesthetics.

Large Tents


These light constructions can be placed on any type of terrain. In case of a pre-existing concrete platform on the site, the connection can be made directly on it, using anchor bolts or chemical anchors.


Medium Size Tents

Medium Size

An important advantage of these constructions is that they can be easily disassembled and relocated, regardless of their size. That is possible thanks to the mechanical fastening of the components.


Small Tents


The actual measurements of the tents are always imposed by the client’s needs. There is no standardized limitation of the length, width or height, so we are able to honor even the most daring requests.


Single Slope Roof Tents

Single Slope
Roof Tents

There is no standardized limitation of the length, width or height. We are able to honor even the most daring requests. We already have in our portfolio some of the biggest industrial tents in the country.


Corturi Retractabile


Adaptable and ready to use, the retractable tent is the perfect solution for those dynamic spaces that have different uses every day. It’s surprisingly easy to handle and cost efficient.


Corturi Evenimente

Tents for

Set in wide spaces, sometimes on green areas, a tent dedicated to hosting an event is bringing together the charm of an outdoor party and the protection offered by a large shelter.


Terenuri de Sport

Sports Field

Covering a sports field doesn’t mean only a protection for the surface, it also means effectively extending the season to the whole year. A covered sports field can be used non-stop, 365 day a year.


Hale Usoare


The lightweight hall is mostly used as storage space, production hall, car service or market place, but it has many other uses. It’s made from materials that are resistant to wind, snow and earthquakes.


Tuneluri pentru acoperire


The “storage tunnel” is an economical, flexible and easy to install solution, dimensioned to withstand snow load and wind pressure with use in all industries that comes in addition to the much larger “industrial tent” modular constructions.


Structuri Metalice


Our engineers use computer software specialized in designing metallic structures. Production takes place in our own specialized unit, using stainless steel profiles, according to the calculation summary. Fast execution and a good price efficiency.


Compartimentare spatii depozitare


If the configuration of a warehouse became unsuitable to the needs of the moment, the best solution is to reconfigure the space by partitioning. Any solution is taken into consideration, as long as it serves the needs of the client.


Prelate camioane


We make tarpaulins for every type of vehicles used in road transportation: trucks, semi-trailers, vans, trailers, dump-trucks etc. We also offer the option of printing on the tarpaulin with an advertising image, logo or text.


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