Starting with January 2019, our company has become a distributor thorough our partner AGRIKOM Hungary of membrane covered modular constructions “storage tunnel” type, produced by the French brand, SHELTERALL, group RICHEL.

The “storage tunnel” is an economical, flexible and easy to install solution, dimensioned to withstand snow load and wind pressure with use in all industries that comes in addition to the much larger “industrial tent” modular constructions.

Storage tunnel



  • Animal shelters
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Storage


  • Quarries, Construction
  • Storage
  • Recycling

Storage tunnel advantages:

  • Possible to install on any type of land;
  • Oval structural elements for enhanced resistance;
  • Galvanized steel structure produced according to standard NF EN 13031;
  • PVC+PES cover with extended warranty up 10 years;
  • Easy to install structure – anchor system that does not need foundations with cross assembly without welding;
  • Easy to install membrane – tensioning system with clips;
  • Products available on stock in France;


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Dimensions – options:

  • 8m wide arch with max height 3,6m;
  • 9,3m wide arch with max height 3,99m;
  • 10m wide arch with max height 5m;
  • 12m wide arch with max height 6,75m;
  • Variable lengths up to 50m;

Technical specifications

Technical data ShelterAll container

Technical data ShelterAll 10m

Technical data ShelterAll intre 9-3m

Technical data ShelterAll 8m