We make tarpaulins for every type of vehicles used in land transportation: trucks, semi-trailers, vans, trailers, dump-trucks, railway wagons etc. If you are looking for tarpaulins for trucks, RAM PROD PROJECT is at your service with a team that is specialized, competent and experienced. We offer free counseling for every project and together we find solutions for every challenge.

Moreover, we offer the option of printing on the tarpaulin, whether it is a logo, a written message or an advertising image. So why not use the tarpaulin of a truck for advertising, when you can have this real-life moving billboard?

Tarpaulins for trucks produced by RAM PROD PROJECT bring you the following advantages:

  • Warranty for the execution and the materials used for construction
  • An honest business proposal. Once you have decided to contact us, our first meeting will be a technical counseling session, absolutely free of charge. We hide nothing, we show you all the options available, thus enabling you to make a choice based on the information received transparently.

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