Industrial Aluminum Tents distributed by RAM PROD PROJECT come with the following advantages and characteristics:

  • Strength: Aluminum profiles metallic structure produced according to EU 13782 standard for light weight construction (snow load 20-90kg/square meter and wind pressure up to 28m/s) with steel connecting elements.
  • Lastingness: The covers are produced from high performance PVC+PES membranes, weight 650g/square meter, flame retardant B s3 d0 class, IBT certificated according to norm DIN 4102 B1M2;
  • Certification: Technical documentation, project and CE mark;
  • Applications: Industrial Aluminum Tents are ideal for storage spaces, event halls or sport field coverings;
  • Utility: Industrial Aluminum Tents are fast to assemble/disassemble and easy to relocate;
  • Warranty: Industrial Aluminum Tents for production, assembly and materials;
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Wind Pressure Map

The characteristic values of reference for wind pressure, averaged over 10 minutes, with a recurrence interval of 50 years (2% annual probability of exceeding).

Snow Load Map

Zoning of characteristic snow load values on the ground sk kN /m2 for altitudes A ≤ 1000 meters.


L=35m; l=6,5m; h cornisa=5,6m; h varf=8,2m