Covering a sports field doesn’t mean only a protection for the surface and the sportsman, but it also means effectively extending the season to the whole year. Indeed, a covered sports field can be used nonstop, 365 day a year, 24/7.

In the warm season, the side walls can be folded, thus letting the air flow under the entire arch and making the ambient more pleasant.

In the cold season, the walls are closed, while the hot air machines do the heating. The temperature can reach a level that makes the sporting activities possible, even when the outside temperature is below zero.

RAM PROD PROJECT can transform the sports field into a safe and controlled environment that can be used all through the year.

By choosing RAM PROD PROJECT to cover your sport field you will have the following advantages:

  • Complete legality, in accordance with the Romanian Law no. 50/1991, regarding the autorisation of construction works, and the Romanian Law no. 10/1995, regarding quality in the construction field.
  • We design, size, execute and obtain authorizations (in compliance with the Romanian Law no. 50/1991) permanent structures that can endure up to 250 kg/m2 of snow load and up to 120 km/h of wind pressure, in full compliance with The Romanian Design Code (the only legal frame appliacable in Romania).
  • We use a membrane (PVC+PES type and HDPE+LDPE type covers) that is technically approved for construction use, in safe conditions, as required by the Romanian Law no. 10/1995.
  • Certification. All of our projects are submitted to verification agents certified by MDRAP (the Romanian State Department for Constructions)
  • Warranty for the execution, the installation and the materials that we use.
  • An honest business proposal. Once you have decided to contact us, our first meeting will be a technical counseling session, absolutely free of charge. We hide nothing, we show you all the options available, thus enabling you to make a choice based on the information received transparently.
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Wind Pressure Map

The characteristic values of reference for wind pressure, averaged over 10 minutes, with a recurrence interval of 50 years (2% annual probability of exceeding).

Snow Load Map

Zoning of characteristic snow load values on the ground sk kN /m2 for altitudes A ≤ 1000 meters.