Lightweight Hall

Lightweight Hall

On a light and slender structure, but sized for wind, snow loads and earthquake and in accordance with design rules,  we combine two materials for creating the Lightweight Hall:

– Thermal insulation panels of various thicknesses and types, perimeter walls and gables. Insulating panels provide and increase thermal and acoustic protection of the space they close. Through the thermal insulation made, it creates a stable temperature, easy to control. Access doors are also made of insulated panels, thus increasing thermal comfort inside the hall.

And The:

– Tarpaulin (PVC + PES) of different thicknesses and specifications for ceiling (curved or triangle) doubled on the inside with another layer of lightweight tarp. Doubling the ceiling aims to create a cushion of air to increase thermal comfort and also has anti sweat protective role.

The Lightweight Hall can be used as storage spaces, production halls, car services, food markets, constructions for agriculture, etc

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