Tents with Single Slope Roof, 5 to 13 meters wide

These light constructions can be placed on any type of terrain. In case of a pre-existing concrete platform on the site, the connection can be made directly on it, using anchor bolts or chemical anchors. If there is no such platform, then cup-like foundations will be dug for placing the pillars.

An important advantage of these constructions is that they can be easily disassembled and relocated, regardless of their size. That is possible thanks to the mechanical fastening of the components, fitted with screws. Every industrial tent that we create is unique, but they all have something in common: their durability.

The actual measurements of the tents are always imposed by the client’s needs. There is no standardized limitation of the length, width or height, so we are able to honor even the most daring requests. Indeed, we already have in our portfolio some of the biggest industrial tents in the country.

Single slope roof tents, 13 to 20 meters wide, produced by RAM PROD PROJECT have the following advantages:

  • Warranty for the execution and the materials used for construction
  • Complete legality. We design according to The Romanian Design Code, the only legal frame applicable in Romania.
  • Certification. All of our projects are submitted to verification agents certified by MDRAP (the Romanian state department for constructions).
  • An honest business proposal. Once you have decided to contact us, our first meeting will be a technical counseling session, absolutely free of charge. We show you all the options available, thus enabling you to make a choice based on the information received transparently

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