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Tents, tarpaulins and structures

RAM PROD PROJECT offers projects, services and products meeting the following requirements:

  1. reliability, timeliness and speed of execution
  2. quality guaranteed by using the best materials and techniques
  3. making projects according to needs and dimensions

Over 15 years

of experience

Our Products

Industrial Tents

The industrial tents can be considered an alternative to the classical industrial halls made from metallic structure and metal sheet covering or sandwich panels. They are made from a lighter metallic structure and a canvas covering which acts like a casing and strengthens the assembly.

Large Tents

width over 20m

Medium Tents

width from 13 to 20m

Small Tents

width from 5 to 13m

Tents with

single slope roofs


Corturi Retractabile


This type of retractable tents have multiple uses and can only be used when you need them. They can easily expand or compact, and in case of relocation, this system is easy.


Corturi Evenimente

Tents for

These tents for events are the latest solution for nocturnal summer parties and for roomier wedding locations. We have been contacted by clients and asked to offer solutions for organizing different outdoor events.


Terenuri de Sport

Sport Field

Whether you want to extend the season throughout the year or prefer that the sports activity doesn’t take place under the sun,   a sports field cover represents an optimal solution.


Hale Usoare


On a light and slender structure, but sized for wind, snow loads and earthquake and in accordance with design rules,  we combine two materials: Thermal insulation panels and Tarpaulin (PVC + PES)


Structuri Metalice

Metallic Structures

Whether you want a canvas covering or you build a hall with sandwich panels or metallic sheets, we can execute client-customized metallic structures. The metallic structure is designed by our engineers


Compartimentare spatii depozitare

Warehouse Division

We design, execute and assemble solutions for closing and division of various storage spaces. If you are looking for Warehouse Division, RAM PROD PROJECT is the ideal solution.


Prelate camioane


We produce all kinds of tarpaulins for trucks, trailers, vans, tippers,  etc. We also offer the ability to burn and print any logo on the tarp. If you are looking for Tarpaulins, RAM PROD PROJECT is the ideal solution.


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